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At Legacy Massage we are deeply committed to helping our employees achieve their personal and professional goals.


We encourage independence through connection, creating hope.

We initiate growth, and help problem solve right along with you.


Establishing Connection: to create safety though your healing journey.

Celebrating Growth: Progress over perfection. Expressing gratitude for what our bodies can do.



Magnificent outcomes: holding the gold standard for ourselves and our clients. .

Seeking Humbly Confident Bodyworker 

Who we are:

 A small women owned clinic, on the fast track for growth.

If you are wanting to step away from the conveyor belt mentality of massage with big chains, or are not ready/wanting to start your own business, this is the right place for you!

We believe that Bodywork can be a long term career choice, so get started with us.

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Who we're Looking For

We are looking for someone with a  sophisticated style of bodywork, who has had extra training & certification outside of traditional massage school.


-15-20 sessions per week

- Rebooking clients

- Flipping your room for your next client

- Marketing events tailored to your style

- Team meeting once a week to check in on goals.


- When you achieve your

KPI's (Key performance indicators) each month you get a $100 bonus

- $500 towards continuing Education