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Monday thru Friday: 10 am - 7 pm
Saturday & Sunday: C


406 w. 34th St. Suite 812, KCMO 64111
Phone Number: 801-830-1130

Legacy Massage

Providing Relief from chronic pain for pregnancy and beyond! 

Now Offering:
Scar Tissue Massage

Do you have a scar that bothers you?

Any scar will do!

Doesn't matter if it's a surgical scar, a burned area, a scar from an injury,

No matter the age of the scar Just at lease 6 weeks of recovery

If your scar still looks red or purple in color, if it's raised, or pulling inwards... If you have any numbness, pain, lack or limited range of motion, burning sensations, or sensations like tugging or pulling underneath the skin directly on or around your scar...


We are here to help. All three of our staff members are trained in our new scar tissue massage therapy! We have already seen great results from our clients. Just check out our testimonials below!!

We can't wait to see you and help you along your journey!


 "I noticed the cavity in my back from the scar was less prominent. The railroad marks from the stitches were removed from about half the scar and it looked much smoother.

I also had less restriction in my back when raising my arms to the side. Also about half the scar was no longer numb. "


"The scar therapy experience was very unique relative to my experience with traditional massage. My traumatic injury had left me with large scars of various types, most of which had little to no sensation. So the light manipulation of the skin actually felt very nice, once I got used to the sensation.


The therapy itself really did seem to help 2 areas where I had large ridges near my shin. I think the smoothing has continued especially around the outside of my shin. Overall a unique experience that has had a real impact on the sensation and look of my scars. "


 "I was amazed at how quickly Charity was able to make a visible and tactile difference in several large scars on my head and body. The hard ridges are gone and the scars feel better to me, less prominent to the touch, too. Those scars from breast reduction surgery are the most remarkable. They used to feel like small ropes under my skin, but not any more. Same with the scar on my head. This is amazing therapy, even just one treatment makes a huge difference.

Our Mission:

+ We create client independence through therapeutic connection that nurtures hope.

Our vision: 

+ Together we initiate growth and problem solve with you to achieve magnificent outcomes.


+ Establishing connection to create safety through your healing journey

+ Celebrating growth: progress over perfection, learning to express gratitude for what our bodies do for us every single day.

Legacy Massage was founded in 2015 by Charity Smith here in Midtown Kansas City, MO. Charity graduated from Utah College of Massage Therapy and has been increasing her passion for massage ever since. She is now a level 4 certified CORE Bodywork therapist.


Melodye Curtin graduated from Heritage College massage school of Kansas City in 2016. Her focus is deep tissue and myofascial work to relieve chronic pain and promote healing. Specializing in Prenatal & committed to serving our veterans.

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